Indie Summer Songs

Port O’Brien, Throw Me the Statue, and Fleet Foxes. Three unlikely names for rock bands that are making some of the most promising, interesting, and enjoyable music I’ve heard in awhile. It’s great laid-back, loose, wild, indie rock for a warm summer afternoon.  Port O’Brien, who hail from San Francisco, serve up a world-music-influenced sound that shares an aural… Continue reading Indie Summer Songs

What I'm Listening To, Right Now

What am I listening to, right now, at this moment? I just heard a nice cavalcade of songs by The Muslims (“Bright Side”), The Republic Tigers (“Buildings and Mountains”), Plants and Animals (“Bye, Bye, Bye”), and Wolf Parade (“Call It a Ritual”). Just before that was Firewater (“This Is My Life”), Dirty on Purpose (“Leaving”), and Tapes ‘n… Continue reading What I'm Listening To, Right Now