What I'm Listening To, Right Now

What am I listening to, right now, at this moment? I just heard a nice cavalcade of songs by The Muslims (“Bright Side”), The Republic Tigers (“Buildings and Mountains”), Plants and Animals (“Bye, Bye, Bye”), and Wolf Parade (“Call It a Ritual”). Just before that was Firewater (“This Is My Life”), Dirty on Purpose (“Leaving”), and Tapes ‘n Tapes (“Hang Them All”).

I also recently bought and listen to a lot the new EP from The Little Ones, “Terry Tales and Fallen Gates,” (solid) and splurged on the new Death Cab full-length, “Narrow Stairs” — different for them and worth the dough. Am also eyeing but haven’t yet bought the new Old 97s (“Blame It on Gravity”) and The Helio Sequence (“Keep Your Eyes Ahead”).

Also, also, if you like the Arctic Monkeys (or even if you don’t), then get a copy of “The Age of the Understatement,” (the title track just came on) by The Last Shadow Puppets. This is a side project of AM’s lead singer Alex Turner and Miles Kane from The Rascals — wow! I only picked up a few cuts, but what I’ve heard sounds like the soundtrack for a cinematic meeting between a potty-mouthed James Bond and a spaghetti-draped Clint Eastwood. Oh, for a few dollars more…

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