Six New Brews for an Easy Summer Evening

Summertime, and the living is easy. Or so the song goes. Nothing these days seems all that easy, that’s for sure. Not, at least, from what I can see, looking up from the bottom of my well. But things don’t have to be so hard this time of year, either. Take, for instance, the search… Continue reading Six New Brews for an Easy Summer Evening

All-American Brews

One other comment, in the spirit of patriotism: I attempted to provide my 4th of July house guests with a sampling of the “Top 10 Beers for Patriotic Drinkers.” I got the idea from Draft magazine — one of my favorite indulgences and a kegful of great brews news, reviews, and food-pairing ideas. I won’t name all 10… Continue reading All-American Brews

Perfect Pours for the Porch

Ever want the perfect pour for a summer Sunday evening on the porch? That’s what I was looking for the other day, when in need of some distinctive beers to enhance the post-season discussion among youth league lacrosse coaches. So I visited my favorite beer vendor, The Wine Source, and the experts suggested several quaffs to quench… Continue reading Perfect Pours for the Porch