Winter Beers Are Icummen In!

Every year at about this time — when all color has been blasted from the trees by the north winds, the days grow noticeably shorter and cooler, the precipitation alternates between not-quite-rain and almost-snow, and year’s end once again looms on the horizon — I think of poet Ezra Pound‘s famous cold-weather-cursing parody, “Ancient Music,” which begins, Winter… Continue reading Winter Beers Are Icummen In!

So Little Poetry in Poetry

I recently picked up several copies of Poetry magazine, the grand old dame of American poesie. I used to read the magazine whenever I could, with great interest and delight, always with the hope of finding some inspiration and, perhaps, even some glimmering aspiration. And why not? The list of contributors over its 90-plus-year history serves… Continue reading So Little Poetry in Poetry

The Other Poet Williams

A recent discovery for me (well, admittedly, one more akin to Columbus’s “discovery” than Mme. Curie’s) is the poet/ publisher/photographer/provocateur Jonathan Williams. Although I had long known about Williams and was aware of his publishing company, The Jargon Society, which produced books for writers I admire (Joel Oppenheimer, for one) I had never actually read anything… Continue reading The Other Poet Williams