My Goodness, Go Out and Grab a Stout!

Stout — it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Did that get your attention? I hope so, because I’m trying to make a point. In all honesty, even though some people refer to Guinness and its ilk as “mother’s milk,” I wouldn’t recommend pouring it into a bowl of Froot Loops. Not before 9 a.m., at… Continue reading My Goodness, Go Out and Grab a Stout!

Want Good Beer? It's in the Can!

I recently played a round of golf in an afternoon charity tournament and made an amazing discovery. No, it had nothing to do with finding my inner scratch golfer (I gave up searching for him a long, long time ago), but it did produce a winning tin cup worthy of mention. Past experience has shown me… Continue reading Want Good Beer? It's in the Can!

All-American Brews

One other comment, in the spirit of patriotism: I attempted to provide my 4th of July house guests with a sampling of the “Top 10 Beers for Patriotic Drinkers.” I got the idea from Draft magazine — one of my favorite indulgences and a kegful of great brews news, reviews, and food-pairing ideas. I won’t name all 10… Continue reading All-American Brews