Save the Best for Oktoberfest!

As President John F. Kennedy once famously declared, “Es ist Oktoberfest Zeit!” — it’s Oktoberfest time! (Well, actually, he said this right after uttering his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. It’s a well-known fact, just not well-documented in the history books.) With or without a presidential endorsement, it is in fact Oktoberfest time once again,… Continue reading Save the Best for Oktoberfest!

Wines for Beer Drinkers

Normally, when someone asks me what kind of wine would I like with my meal, I answer, “beer!” Of course, just to show that I know it’s proper etiquette to leave my loincloth and club at the cave door, when in good company, I always ask for a glass. But recently I was introduced to several… Continue reading Wines for Beer Drinkers