Go Bavarian for Chinese New Year

In our house, we are celebration opportunists. Holiday hedonists, so to speak. Festivity freeloaders.¬†Promiscuous party-makers. Jamboree joiners. Etc. In other words, we honor and participate in just about every traditional fanfaronade that pops up on the calendar. No matter what religious or cultural affiliations are ascribed to it, as long as there is food and… Continue reading Go Bavarian for Chinese New Year

Save the Best for Oktoberfest!

As President John F. Kennedy once famously declared, “Es ist Oktoberfest Zeit!” — it’s Oktoberfest time! (Well, actually, he said this right after uttering his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. It’s a well-known fact,¬†just not well-documented in the history books.) With or without a presidential endorsement, it is in fact Oktoberfest time once again,… Continue reading Save the Best for Oktoberfest!