Winter Beers Are Icummen In!

Every year at about this time — when all color has been blasted from the trees by the north winds, the days grow noticeably shorter and cooler, the precipitation alternates between not-quite-rain and almost-snow, and year’s end once again looms on the horizon — I think of poet Ezra Pound‘s famous cold-weather-cursing parody, “Ancient Music,” which begins, Winter… Continue reading Winter Beers Are Icummen In!

Giving Thanks With (and for) Beer

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Hands down. That’s partly because it is the most under-appreciated and misunderstood of all the celebrations yearlong, falling as it does somewhere between the great vacation migration of Labor Day, Halloween’s rising tsunami of sweets, and the madness of the so-called “holiday shopping season.” It’s certainly the most likable of the… Continue reading Giving Thanks With (and for) Beer