A New Throwback Sound

One new-to-me that I think you should check out are Tokyo Police Club, a Toronto-based four-piece with a throwback sound. Their catchy, hooky pop songs will make you think “where have I heard this before?” Stand-out songs from their first full-length, Elephant Shell, like “Your English Is Good” and “In a Cave,” carry the same, familiar bouncy-pounding beat of many ’80s bands — Gang of Four or the English Beat come to mind. My favorite track, “Tessellate” mixes the jangly garage-band guitar of early REM or the Replacements with the lilting piano lines and hand-clap reminiscent of mid-career Joe Jackson. Even the vocalist/bassist, David Monks, sings with a Gordon-Gano nasal twang but none of the Violent Femmer’s snotty edge. In the end, though, this wild mash-up of influences makes for an aeolian wind-bag of sounds that is energetic, irresistable, and uniquely their own.

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