Rabbit Rock

Don’t let the name scare you, but Frightened Rabbit is a (relatively) new band from Glasgow that I think you will like. In fact, despite the moniker, their sound is anything but Scots-skittish, like that of their countrymen Belle & Sebastian. Rather, their music is “bold, assured, and confident,” as one reviewer on Amazon puts it, which lands them closer to tartan bands like The Twighlight Sad and fellow newcomers We Were Promised  Jetpacks (current winner of the Best Band Name for 2008). I’d also add “anthemic,” which is a phrase that used to describe U2 or, for those of you like me with knee-jerk ’80s nostalgia, Big Country. Although so far I have only cherry-picked a few songs off the new full-length, “Midnight Organ Fight” (basically, the first 3 cuts), from iTunes, what I’ve got I love. (If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for Scottish accents). If the rest is as good, then I’m going to go for the whole haggis.


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