Sing for the Volvo

Do you ever do this? Please say yes.

I’ve been hearing this catchy little song on the TV ads for the new Volvo C70. It sounded so compelling – a little Nick Drake (cue another car ad, for Volkswagen), along with the folky pop stylings of the Fruit Bats or, god help me, Fleetwood Mac – I had to hunt it down. After a few minutes searching on Google (god bless Google), I found it. Apparently there are other music obsessives like me out there – hello to you. The song is called “I Adore You,” by melpo mene – a Swedish singer-songwriter.


Of course, once I found it I had to buy it on iTunes. That’s good marketing, for the song, at least. Although I adore it, I’m a long way from buying the car.

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