A Triple Trifecta of Trivial Treats

Scribbleskiff is sitting in dry-dock for a spell. We’re taking some time away from the business of busyness to rest and clear out the scuppers, so to speak, to restock our supplies, chart new courses, and ready ourselves for the next adventure.

A few of our favorite new seasonals

For instance, we’re keeping our weather eye trained on the approaching, unusually large waves of seasonal drafts — both autumnal and Yultidal. Also, the alluring siren songs of bands both familiar and foreign have been calling to us from the far shore. And we have been receiving reports of new book launches, as well as sitings of old tomes worth rediscovering and re-examining. And much, much more.

So, we’ll be back soon with a fresh store of aimless writing intended to distract you from your daily routine. Until then, here are a few of our (and others’) favorite posts, in each category, from the past year or so. If you are a faithful reader, then you may enjoy having the chance to riffle through them again. If you have never read Scribbleskiff, then these will be new to you. Enjoy!

Beery Scribblings
Not Near Enough: In Search of the Elusive, Authentic German Radler
Sacre Bleu! The Best French Beers for Thanksgiving May Be Made in America
How to Host Your Own ‘Mencktoberfest’

Bookish Babble
Of Poems and Promises, Meatloaf, Memories, and the Pleasures of Failure
It’s No Myth: Fathers and Sons Who Read (and Write) Together Can Grow Together
Finding the ‘Wit’ in Twitter

Musical Musings
Musically Speaking, My Kids Are All Right
It’s a ‘70s Thing: Learning to Fall in Love Again With the Songs of Alex Chilton
When It Comes to Some Tribute Records, Mature Imitation May Be Most Flattering

So, there you have it, a Scribbleskiff sampler — a triple trifecta of trivial treats. As always, tell us what you think. Do you have a favorite post from this past year? Or is there something new you want to learn more about — a seasonal craft beer, for instance, a song by an unknown band, or a recently published poetry collection? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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