In a Patriotic Mood

Last Friday, I once again attempted to solve the annual dilemma: what’s the right American music to play on the 4th? And, again this year, much to the appreciation of my house guests, I’m sure, I kept my copy of “The Best of Sousa” on the shelf. But I did pull out a live recording of the Preservation… Continue reading In a Patriotic Mood

Class Clown Sent to the Principal's Office

When I heard the news last week I thought, oh boy. Sad, sad news about a happy, hippy, funny guy. RIP, George Carlin. I once saw him live, at the old (beautiful, ornate) Lyric theater in Baltimore. The opening act was Leon Redbone and a small combo. What a night! I never laughed so hard… Continue reading Class Clown Sent to the Principal's Office

What I'm Listening To, Right Now

What am I listening to, right now, at this moment? I just heard a nice cavalcade of songs by The Muslims (“Bright Side”), The Republic Tigers (“Buildings and Mountains”), Plants and Animals (“Bye, Bye, Bye”), and Wolf Parade (“Call It a Ritual”). Just before that was Firewater (“This Is My Life”), Dirty on Purpose (“Leaving”), and Tapes ‘n… Continue reading What I'm Listening To, Right Now

The Other Poet Williams

A recent discovery for me (well, admittedly, one more akin to Columbus’s “discovery” than Mme. Curie’s) is the poet/ publisher/photographer/provocateur Jonathan Williams. Although I had long known about Williams and was aware of his publishing company, The Jargon Society, which produced books for writers I admire (Joel Oppenheimer, for one) I had never actually read anything… Continue reading The Other Poet Williams

Perfect Pours for the Porch

Ever want the perfect pour for a summer Sunday evening on the porch? That’s what I was looking for the other day, when in need of some distinctive beers to enhance the post-season discussion among youth league lacrosse coaches. So I visited my favorite beer vendor, The Wine Source, and the experts suggested several quaffs to quench… Continue reading Perfect Pours for the Porch

A New Throwback Sound

One new-to-me that I think you should check out are Tokyo Police Club, a Toronto-based four-piece with a throwback sound. Their catchy, hooky pop songs will make you think “where have I heard this before?” Stand-out songs from their first full-length, Elephant Shell, like “Your English Is Good” and “In a Cave,” carry the same, familiar bouncy-pounding beat… Continue reading A New Throwback Sound

Rabbit Rock

Don’t let the name scare you, but Frightened Rabbit is a (relatively) new band from Glasgow that I think you will like. In fact, despite the moniker, their sound is anything but Scots-skittish, like that of their countrymen Belle & Sebastian. Rather, their music is “bold, assured, and confident,” as one reviewer on Amazon puts it, which… Continue reading Rabbit Rock

Sing for the Volvo

Do you ever do this? Please say yes. I’ve been hearing this catchy little song on the TV ads for the new Volvo C70. It sounded so compelling – a little Nick Drake (cue another car ad, for Volkswagen), along with the folky pop stylings of the Fruit Bats or, god help me, Fleetwood Mac… Continue reading Sing for the Volvo

Quesadilla Thursday

This week, it was “Quesadilla Thursday” – why not, right? Aside from the eponymous fried tortilla-and-cheese sandwiches, the mealtime line-up featured Amy’s amazing guacamole, which she makes from scratch, using only a few ingredients. Like avocado, garlic, salt, and a squeeze of lime or lemon. No mayo or sour cream. Definitely no salsa – that sours… Continue reading Quesadilla Thursday

Hello world!

Welcome to Scribbleskiff. This is your first post to read, which makes sense since this is first post I’ve written. So far, we’re both off to a good start. Come back soon, and I’ll have plenty of scribblings to carry you away, like new music and book recommendations, drinks to make, poems to read, and a whole… Continue reading Hello world!