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Henry Mortimer is the owner of Mortimer Communications, a consulting firm based in Baltimore, Md., that helps small to mid-size businesses grow by developing unique, compelling, targeted communication strategies. We specialize in the areas of writing and editing, marketing, and business development. We also offer print and online publication auditing and redesign, and content management for Web sites and other multimedia vehicles. Email us to learn more or to set up an appointment: henry@mortimercommunications.com.


  1. Chip…love the blog…
    You may have created a monster…I am now on a quest to pullout the old turntable (and giant floor speakers, the lp’s and 45’s…anyone have a plastic 45 hole filler)? I wore-out many a needle listening to Grand Funk Railroad, Jeff Beck and The Edgar Winter Group, Doobies, Deep Purple, Chicago…over and over …should be a fun filled weekend….love it!

    ….does Pop Ward know you used his old row boat above?

  2. I have been enjoying your blog, and realized I should have mentioned that to you earlier, sorry… Scribbleskiff now resides front-and-center on my igoogle page with my other feeds (which are not always as much fun, I must admit). Thank you for sharing your musings!

  3. Hey there Scribbleskiff Henry.

    We (the Baltimore Beer Week planning committee) are looking to get many of the excellent local/regional & all around good beer blogs onboard with Baltimore Beer Week 2010; and that includes you.

    Under the BaltimoreBeerWeek.com’s “Press” section, we plan to list the blogs which will be supporting BBW10 (via a link), in exchange for those blogs showing support for BBW (10/7-10/17)

    Whether it’s general awareness of the upcoming beer week or more detailed info, like posting events which you feel are noteworthy. The more coverage and awareness, the better! This would also include social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

    Please reply to this email if you’d like to help promote BBW’10 and if give our web guys permission to post a link to your blog on the main BBWeek site. Make sure to reply with the URL to your site.

    Also, the new Baltimore Beer Week logo can be found below. Feel free to use it on your site, on the sidebar, etc… linking to http://BBWeek.com


    Thanks in advance!

    – Brad Klipner
    Twitter: @BeerInBaltimore
    Ale Street News: Mid-Atlantic

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