1. So let’s assume you were not limiting yourself to new releases, and you still had to amuse the same crowd. Let’s call it — as a particular west coast station calls it — your 5 desert island disks. (I may have already sent something similar in the past, or perhaps it was a Facebook “quiz.”) What are the 5 albums (an antiquated term) that you would HAVE to have??

    For the sake of full disclosure: “Born to Run” (duh), “Graceland, ” “A Woman’s Heart” (a Celtic CD), Vince Gill “Souvenirs”, and Dixies Chicks’ “Home.”

  2. Thanks, Betsie. Good thought. I might add “Jump Up Calypso” (Harry Belafonte), anything by Bob Marley and the Wailers or Peter Tosh, and “Tiny Bubbles” (Don Ho) — ideal desert music, after all.

  3. Chip,

    Thanks for the list. I don’t often take music advice from People magazine, but I took a chance on Band of Skulls because I liked their name–awesome from front to back. Has a Duke Spirit feel about them.


  4. I came to this page when I was looking for Red Lights by Vib Gyor. I just love that song. The song that I really liked listed here was It’s Thunder And It’s Lightning. A really good song for a beach trip is Undercover Of Darkness by The Strokes. Listen to it! It’s such an amazing song with awesome guitar. I think it’s very beach-like indeed…

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